Most tabloids close tonight. Just in time then for Star/Life&Style/InTouch/etc to throw these shots on the cover –

Brad caught cheating!

Brad Pitt is in Rome or England (the photo agency can’t make up its mind about the location but does claim to be able to read Brad’s behaviour) continuing to shoot World War Z after spending a few weeks in production in Malta in which he appeared to only wear one outfit. One long scene? I like the look of him in these jeans. As for that girl...

She’s an attractive PA. And already the paps are trying to sell it like he was “flirting” with her while the Jolie is back in LA with their daughters. What’s interesting to me though is that tabloid stories that paint Brad as the bad guy don’t sell as well. They prefer it when Angelina’s strung out on heroin, f-cking her security guard, and neglecting her children while performing voodoo as she straddles her brother naked. Let’s hear then, gossip psychologists. Why?

As for whether or not there was actually any flirting going on....

No idea, but Photo Assumption says SHE really wanted there to be. Look at that hip. That hip is sending an invitation.

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