Brad Pitt is shooting in Texas – obviously the role required a hair cut… thoughts?

Don’t love it, don’t hate it, and he still looks hot. Especially those pants. See how those pants just hang? Pants hanging properly make up for not the greatest hair. I don’t care if Xenu blessed your coif… if you can’t wear the sh*t out of a pair of pants, the loins simply won’t quiver.

As I reported exclusively the other day, Brad and Angelina are sending the kids to daycare in Austin ... so far, so good.

On the subject of whether or not they’re expecting twins – the Daily Mail claims that the Second Coming will most definitely be joined by the Emmanuel but no one state-side can corroborate. Other sources are reporting it’ll be a French birth.

I’m hearing New Orleans and that People Magazine is supposedly halfway up their asses for an exclusive unprecedented package deal including confirmation and first baby and family photos for as much as $8 million.

Will keep you posted.

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