Everyone fixated last week on the part in the Parade article where Brad Pitt called his life with Jennifer Aniston “dull” and “pathetic”. What was overlooked then was the rest of the interview, a rather insightful one. And this piece of gold:

Parade: What attracts you to architecture and design?
Pitt: I speak best in shapes. It’s my best vocabulary. Much better than English.

Please. What came first? James Franco or Brad Pitt?

Amazingness and pretentiousness aside, it’s actually not a bad article at all. I love his vociferous defence of gay marriage. There’s an interesting revelation about Zahara’s adoption that undermines all the sh-t they’ve been saying about the Jolie being a baby collector and him protesting it. And I thought about Sarah from Cinesnark who has not been pleased about what World War Z looks like from what we’ve seen in the set photos when I read his thoughts (below) re: how movie-making can be a struggle:

“The first version of a script is always the most organic. Then too many voices get involved in the process and start trying to hone it and shape it into what they think a movie should be and what an audience wants. Suddenly the movie loses its actual reason for being made. It happens time and time again. When I did Legends of the Fall, I was always quite at odds with the romance in the movie, but that’s the way the film went. Then, after the movie was shot, the scene I loved the most was taken out of the film. They told me the reason was that, in market testing, the audience disliked it. This is when I first became hip to marketing tests. I said, 'Show me.' It was the second most-disliked scene. But it was also the most-liked scene. My argument then—and it would still stand today—is that what you get from testing people is a visceral reaction, good or bad. You’re asking them if they dislike it, when maybe it’s that they’re uncomfortable with it. And that’s a good thing. There is an underestimation of an audience’s capacity to deal with difficult material. There are very few [film] people who really understand story. And those are the people I try to work with."

Click here for the full Parade piece, again, all in service of Moneyball, opening this weekend. Brad and the cast were in Oakland for the premiere last night. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Jolie did not join him, electing to stay behind in the UK to look after all their children.

Yesterday’s event also benefited the Fight Against Cancer with Children’s Hospital & Research Centre and Stand Up To Cancer. Brad spent time at the after-party with long-time friend Catherine Keener who also worked with Moneyball co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote which was directed by Moneyball director Bennett Miller. Also attached - David Justice, because it’s been ages, and his wife Rebecca Villalobos, and I’ve just wasted 15 minutes looking at old photos of him with Halle Berry. Omg. Remember how pretty???

PS. I’m sorry to be such a bitch about this but Jonah Hill is still tripping me out.

Photos from Wenn.com and Michael Buckner/Araya Diaz/Gettyimages.com