The Jolie is currently in New York for Salt reshoots. Yesterday Brad Pitt bundled up the girls and brought them to set to visit mom. At the end of the work day, they all left together, Angelina holding Miss Zahara and her white earmuffs and dad with the Chosen One.

Reminds me of those famous photos – remember? During the first year of the Brange, she was shooting The Good Shepherd in New York having recently brought Z home, and Brad came with Maddox, carrying Z, and a bottle in his back pocket. His hair was dark back then for Jesse James. Now I’ve just lost 20 minutes of my day going through old photos.

It’s been almost 5 years. How pathetic I still remember the date: January 7, 2005 is when, late on a Friday afternoon, Pitt and Aniston announce their separation while still vacationing together in Anguilla. So it began. And every 2 months it’s supposed to end. Some are saying it’ll end in 2010. This logic is not sound if for no other reason than professional obligation. She’ll be promoting Salt, and everyone is still waiting for Brad with Sean Penn in Tree of Life as the enigmatic Terrence Malick is still tweaking which is what he does. Sometimes for years.

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