Brad Pitt took his twins, Vivienne and Knox, to Legoland in England this weekend. I love his hair like this. It’s hot. So much hotter. And younger too.

But that’s not the point…

The point is that, at least in this case, there’s finally an answer to me obsessing with how the Brange makes their child outing decisions. Angelina Jolie took the twins, and just the twins, to Hong Kong last week to meet up with Brad. You’ll recall, at the time I was all like…but whyyyyy them and not the others?

Turns out it was a hand-off. Brad took his two littlest ones to London to finish up filming Fury while the Jolie remains in Australia to work on Unbroken with the other four.


But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thhe twins and not the others?


How did we get back here?