Brad Pitt arrived in Venice today – Burn After Reading is opening the festival tomorrow and Brad and George will also be attending a Darfur fundraiser tonight.

As you can see, Brad brought his first 2 boys Maddox and Pax along for the trip, perhaps to lessen the load on mommy Angelina. That’s the practical, personal rationale for having his sons with him. But where the Pitts are concerned, there’s also always strategy.

We were discussing this today during TIFF preparation – you’ve heard about a potential showdown between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston next week in Toronto, haven’t you?

While Brad and George Clooney are confirmed for Burn, many are speculating that Angie will stay back. The breastfeeding, the travel, the fact that their entourage is so huge – logistically it’s pretty daunting.

Problem though is that if Brad goes solo, In Touch and Life & Style will already have their fabrications ready about Jen’s weasling her way back into his life.

Having a couple of his kids with him could offset those insinuations – a doting dad has no time to pity his pathetic ex wife, right? And the MiniVan loves a doting dad.

Those boys look happy and adorable. LOVE Madd’s new blue hue. LOVE. Also love that they’re each carrying their own little packs filled with their own belongings. It’s impossibly cute, non?

In other Brange news, Fashion Weekly Daily reported yesterday that the November issue of W Magazine will feature cover shots of The Family Pitt taken by Brad himself in advance of the release of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, already receiving some Oscar buzz.

But if he's taking the picture, will he be in the picture?

Have to wait 6 weeks to find out. Too long!