Oh please.

Brad Pitt sat down with Ann Curry yesterday for an interview that aired on The Today Show this morning. He went head to head with Chicken Fried Britney on Good Morning America. Will be interesting to see how those numbers shook out.

Anyway, he and Ann discussed Make It Right and his commitment to providing affordable, sustainable housing to New Orleans residents post-Katrina – you will love how he had to make a point of naming the families living in the development. Like he’s all down with the common people and sh-t. Nice touch.

Ann then directed the conversation towards family, the kids, Angelina. First thing he says is that he’s not comfortable talking about his personal life. That he feels badly about it, about exposing something so private:

"I just walk away feeling bad about it when I do…(it) seems to get cheapened somehow as it goes through the filter and the airwaves. I just want to keep it close to the chest."


You just photographed them in a fashion magazine!

Celebrities can justify anything. And he might want to talk to the Jolie about that. She can’t shut up about her kids… 

Next… Brad went on about the paps. Something about hating them. 

Oh please with this song and dance.

As I’ve written again and again, this is a family of 8, hunted everywhere, that can disappear when they want to. For as long as they want to. They have the money, they are willing to spend the money, and they do it when they need to. When they don’t want to be photographed. They do it wherever they are. They do it around the world. They do it in Vietnam. They do it with the local authorities, they can afford to have rules bent, to have policies and procedures overridden, they do it because they don’t cut corners. They do not haggle. They are willing to pay for what they want.

And so when they are “found”, it is almost never an accident. They are “found” because they want to be found. They are photographed because they want/need to be photographed. Photographed for the same Brangelunatics who are salivating over new images of the Chosen Family all while protesting the so called aggressive actions of the intrusive paparazzi.

Oh really?

Then pick a side. Either never look at “candids” of the Brange, or shut the f-ck up and appreciate that they are playing us like Lionel Ritchie, all night long. Thank you Vince Vaughn. Just because I buy doesn’t mean I don’t know it’s being sold. 

On a lighter note, no one walks like Brad Pitt. Right off the top, when he approaches Ann to sit down, no one does that better. Why don’t men spend more time on this? On gait? With the right accessories, it’s an instant dealmaker.

Brad Pitt interview with Ann Curry


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