Brad Pitt sits down with that senile old fart Larry King tonight to discuss his New Orleans Make It Right initiative – the interview was pre-taped and will air Wednesday.

One of the most interesting parts is when Larry, actually somewhat deftly, turns the conversation around to family and Angelina, making a comment that “when you get emotionally involved with someone you work with”… about which Brad quickly corrected:

“Well that came after, that came after”, shooting a pointed smile back at Larry and addressing that long contentious and polarising issue about when his relationship with Angelina really began and why his marriage to Jennifer Aniston really ended.

While the MiniVan Majority prefers to blame Angie’s big bad boobs, many many sources have talked of Aniston’s refusal to have children, her toxic habits, and her “happy” escapes as the deciding factors behind their split. As such, Brad’s adamance about what “came after” is extremely intriguing…

And his comments are his children are extremely quivering, even for a dead-wombed bitch like me. He talks about his four children, he describes his blood connection to all of them equally, and how he has found fulfillment in fatherhood. A total sales pitch, yes, but still…I have always said this about Brad and Angelina: so what if they’re selling? They do it so well, I’m still buying.

Click here for the clip.

PS. He says he’s not doing nude scenes anymore. In memory I offer this…