As you know, Brad Pitt was in Chicago yesterday to tape with the Mighty Opes. Audience members are now revealing how it all went down. Some say it was pleasant, some say it was a little testy. The show airs later this month when we can all jump in with our observations.

For now, here are a few details.

The two were both at the Obama rally on Tuesday after he won the election. Oprah apparently made a comment like – oh I would have invited you but didn’t know if you wanted to mingle with the commoners…to which Brad supposedly retorted something to the effect of: oh don’t worry, I’m down with the real people, but weren’t you in VIP?

It’s all about tone, I guess. There are those who’ve interpreted it as lighthearted and joking, and others who’ve said it was a little bit of a pissing contest.

Most are in agreement however that from that point onwards, Opesy was quite conciliatory, asking him about Angelina and eliciting his response that she is indeed the “love of his life” and that he couldn’t be happier.

Of course the MiniVan had to hear about the Chosen One who refuses to acknowledge her Chosen Name Shiloh but answers only to John or Peter because she’s obsessed with Pan.

Brad also had an anecdote about Pax. Pax was put on a time out one day and defiantly pee’d on his time out chair. Unfortunately there was mention of Miss Zahara. Boo.

As for questions from the audience, Brad was asked about his tattoos but did not feel comfortable showing them or explaining their significance, saying only that he encouraged everyone to go through the tat process with someone you love. Not exactly the kind of Pitt Porn we were looking for.

All told, few fireworks… but Cate Blanchett’s outfit was the business.

Now there’s something to look forward to.

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