This is how I know I still love my job and still – and probably always – care about the smut: the Brange still makes me happy. As lame sh-ts as this sounds, when they are together, and there new photos, and even though I know they know, I get excited. I get excited about posting them, writing about them, analysing them, receiving the hate mail/Brangelunatic fan mail on them, all of it, all of it is super fun.

They are the Crown Couple of Gossip. Even when they pick their noses, stand there expressionless, walk to their cars, anything with these two, especially when there are photos, nothing and no one matters. They all recede.

So here they are, in Budapest on the set of Angie’s new movie. You know, the one she’s “writing and directing”. As you can see, she’s delighted to show him around with his little camera documenting her work. Brad gave up a few smiles too. It’s been a week of celebrity marriage turmoil and remarkably the Brange is not involved. It’s also been maybe a month since the tabloids called for a split. So we’re due then, although these pictures will likely put that off for another couple of weeks or so.

Did you ever think you’d hear about the demise of Cox-Arquette before the Brange? Then again, Cox-Arquette lasted 11 years. Brange is only approaching 6. But did you think they’d make it to 6? Don’t lie. You didn’t.

Photos from and Matt Keeble/ and INFphoto