Brad Pitt was in New York last night, seen here leaving dinner. Really not feeling that Inglorious Basterds moustache. He looks like John Waters, only slightly less creepy. The suit however – the way he wears it, the way he walks it – makes up for the face.

Can you teach this? I’m not sure you can teach this. A man who truly owns his clothing. And Brad’s always had the best gait. The best gait to show off a coat like this. Yum. Wonder if he practises in the mirror like David Beckham who is ordered to by his wife. Sometimes when I’m extra grumpy my husband likes to indulge me by playing the red carpet game. 2 minutes, he’ll say. And then he’ll put his arm around me with his hand on my ass and we’ll strut around the living room as I try to look hungry while stay upright in stilettos and he gets extra squinty with his eyes.

It’s the funnest game ever. You should try it. Quick way to get out of a bad mood.

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