Brad Pitt was spotted in Hollywood yesterday with a man who looks very much like Terrence Malick. Malick of course is the director of the upcoming Tree of Life starring Pitt and Sean Penn filmed like 85 years ago. They were hoping it would be ready for Cannes. Malick is still tweaking it. He’ll probably be tweaking it forever but now they’re hoping it will be ready for TIFF. Maybe Brad was trying to hurry him along.

They are curiously colour coordinated on their lunch date, non? Wonder if Malick is matching Brad hole for hole. I get it about the beard and the ripped clothing and the poor rich look, I guess, but wearing pants with holes is also terribly bad luck and, some would say, witchcrafty.

My ma used to play mah-jong with a lady who won all the time. And big. It was the longest streak ever. Then the Squawking Chicken discovered one day that the woman, who was well off and owned her own hair shoppe, would always show up for games in old tatty clothes torn in strategic places. Black magic. She was cut off right away after that. Of course my mother announced to all the other mah-jong ladies too so the cheater wasn’t invited anywhere for a while until she bought new outfits.

As for the Jolie, I’m sure by now you’ve heard that she’s supposedly working on a remake of the infamous Cleopatra. Click here for more details. Of course, eye roll on this: Brad Pitt could be playing Marc Antony. Just like...

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.


You know I’m all over the Jolie but unless she and Brad are willing to take it as far as Elizabeth and Richard on that set, which is impossible, there really is no comparison.

However, there is a conspiracy brewing behind this news, as there always is where the Brange is concerned. As you know Andrew Morton’s readying his Jolie biography and excerpts have been leaking in the UK this week. Morton is alleging, among other dirty smutty stories, that Angelina f-cked both Ethan Hawke and Lenny Kravitz while they were respectively married, giving new life to that Homewrecker label that the Jolie has been trying to shake. Cleopatra is a nice distraction, non? Scott Rudin isn’t new to this game either.

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