Brad Pitt took his 4 oldest kids to the playground the other day while Angelina Jolie was working in Venice on Saturday. The Chosen One is wearing doc martens. Amazing. We were just talking yesterday at the airport (totally unrelated) about how people used to get rolled for their docs back in the day. Remember? I wore them with my school uniform and a kilt hiked up to just under my ass. Though I have urges for Marion Cotillard and a few others, I am not a lesbian. But this won’t stop the f-cking eejit MiniVans out there from labelling it on Shiloh…and getting a two finger f-ck you from her sister Miss Zahara.

Check out that body language. Miss Z already knows how to use her hands and fingers as a conduit for her BitchFace. It only amplifies the power. And it looks like she’s passing it on to her Chosen sister. They take care of each other. How it should be. These kids, they need their own comic book.

Photos from Ramey