We had a glimpse of Brad Pitt’s short hair last week – click here for a refresher. Now a better look. And it looks SO MUCH BETTER.

Brad’s in London shooting Fury. He was photographed on Saturday arriving on set in glasses and no cap. It’s a major improvement …although it hasn’t deflated his cheeks. Like I said, his body is the same, and so is his neck so that “fluffiness”, as my ma the Chinese Squawking Chicken would say, is less about weight fight than it is about, ahem, age fight. Is age the great Hollywood equalizer? Hardly. Men don’t have the age challenge women do when it comes to roles. Still, why don’t we start asking them about how it is to age in the industry the way we do women?

Hey Brad. Do you have any anti-aging beauty secrets?

What’s your anti-aging regimen, Brad? What creams, treatments, and/or pills and injections do you recommend for other men who are experiencing the onset of wrinkles and sag?

Come on. You’d take some satisfaction in that, non?