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ItΓÇÖs another Oscar retrospective - click here if you missed the Cate Blanchett one from yesterday and here for Reese WitherspoonΓÇÖs last week.

Pop quiz!

How many times has Brad Pitt been to the Oscars? NO GOOGLING!

Answer: 3 soon to be 4.

With Juliette Lewis. Remember the cornrows? She said recently that she doesnΓÇÖt regret the cornrows. And ... I donΓÇÖt think she should. Lewis was 19 at the time. She was a little badass. They were hot together. IΓÇÖd rather look at an uncontrived Juliette Lewis in cornrows and easy minimal makeup than, say, Nicole KidmanΓÇÖs crazy forehead, you know? Check out his collar and his shoes. Brad Pitt LOVES clothes.

There she is, my Gwyneth, smug as sh-t on the arm of Brad Pitt. Some of you may not have been around, or maybe you just donΓÇÖt remember, but Brad and Gwyneth together were a Big Deal. Everyone wanted him and everyone wanted to be her. But he made a very poor style choice? ItΓÇÖs a rare misstep.

Would you believe it was 13 years between Oscar appearances? He shared his triumphant return as a nominee for Benjamin Button with Angelina Jolie, also nominated that year for Changeling. And Jennifer Aniston, with John Mayer as her date, presented. No, Brad never took Jennifer to the Oscars. They went one year to the Vanity Fair Oscar party...but the Vanity Fair party is the not the Oscars. We can all agree on this, right?

Brad and Angelina will be back at the Oscars, their second time together, next Sunday. DonΓÇÖt forget to enter the Annual Contest by SCENE with your predictions!  Click here for the ballot. You know-it-alls out there, this is your chance to lord it over everyone that you were right.

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