Brad Pitt has been hustling in New York all week. Last night it was The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. At some point he also hit up an art gallery which is where these shots were taken. Before we get into his Daily Show appearance though, a few words, literally, on his appearance on Inside The Actors Studio airing February 10th.

I’m told that Lipton asked him what his favourite word was.


Lipton also makes it a point to ask everyone what their favourite curse word is. For Brad:


He thinks it’s “underused”.

They also briefly discussed Gwyneth Paltrow in relation to Se7en. He called her a “great person”. And complimented her on her life choices, specifically with respect to her children and her family. To my knowledge, Jennifer Aniston did not come up.

I watch Jon Stewart almost every night. I love him. Jon doesn’t usually fangirl over people. It’s my favourite when he does though. I’ve seen him fangirl, on several occasions, understandably, over Sarah Vowell. And, interestingly enough, he also fangirled over Gwyneth Paltrow when she was on a few years ago. Last night, he kinda fangirled on Brad Pitt. It’s at the very end of the interview, the extended online version, after they discuss Pitt’s Make It Right project in New Orleans.

This was indeed one of Pitt’s better television showings. He was relaxed, he was engaging, and he was funny. Especially during the bit when Stewart was like - why don’t you guys go negative campaigning when it comes to the Oscars? Like the way they’ve done in the Republican primaries. Brad was quick with his response: Clooney took Iowa and New Hampshire, Jean took South Carolina, Oldman will probably take Florida... etc etc.

And then he came up with his own solution on who should actually win the trophy. Well done.

Clooney, meanwhile, just invited CBS inside his home.

Aaaaaand we have 3 more weeks of this to go.

Click here to see the full Pitt interview on The Daily Show if you’re in the US. For Canadians, click here.