Brad Pitt's hair. Like before it was grazing his shoulders. Now though, as you can see, it's long enough so that he can, you know, if you have it or you've had it, flip it back behind your shoulders with your hand. Are you into it? Brad's looks can be polarising. For the most part, I'm usually pro-Pitt. But this? This I can't get down with. And I'm pretty sure it's universally unappealing, even for the most hardcore Brangelunatic.

I wonder though if that's just Brad Pitt. He seems like the kind of guy who does it more when he knows you hate it and stop doing it if he knows you love it. Can you bring yourself to lie and say you love it?

As for that story about a Brange wedding happening at sea that's circulating today -- it originated with a UK tabloid/paper. So, no, we are not wasting any more words on that.