Another one from the pages of Vogue - thanks to RaqcheL for sending. But seriously...look at these two. Does it get any hotter? Does it get any cooler? More importantly though - the fact that they were willing to appear together, like this, without the kids as a buffer, with him gazing appreciatively at his woman, even for an arty glossy photo shoot, as I"ve been telling you, it signals a very slow but very measured intention around this time of year, as campaign season gets heated, to step out officially...first in Vogue, next at the Golden Globes? Obviously it"s no secret that they"re a couple, obviously we"ve seen hundreds of candids, but can you imagine the frenzy, not to mention the award show ratings when or if they rock the red carpet hand in hand, arm in arm...together? Total pandemonium, not to mention loin quiveration everywhere.