Please click here if you missed the original post on Bradley Cooper movies that sh-t on Asians and Megan Lochte’s racist “comedy sketch”. That, by the way, was her explanation for it -- that she was playing a character and that the “performance” was meant to highlight prejudice.

Not surprisingly, everyone’s been all anti-Lochte ragey and, certainly, she deserves it. But for all the outrage that Megan Lochte’s behaviour has inspired, why is it that no one really objects to the offensive Asian stereotyping in all of those Hangover movies or the disgusting scene in Hit And Run, currently in theatres, about Filipino dick size not being worthy of true rape?

Yes. That was the joke. You’re not really raped if you’ve been raped (in prison) by a Filipino dude because, ha ha!, can you really feel his dick?

That sh-t is worse than Megan Lochte. You know why? Because Megan Lochte’s behavior is so recognisable and identifiable, so obviously inappropriate and over-the-top no one has to think about it before rallying against it. OF COURSE you think she’s a sick f-ck. Condemning racism in its extreme is like saying that murder is bad. It’s racism in its less obvious form, the kind your friends and family practise, that we ourselves practise, that’s harder to confront, and much more challenging to eliminate.

Don’t you know someone who laughed when Mr Yellow Belly Chinky Man made a fool of himself in The Hangover with that thick accent in his ridiculous clothes?

Were you sitting beside someone who thought it was a little bit funny that Mr China’s penis could be confused with a vagina?

When they bring that character back in The Hangover 3 - which is confirmed to go ahead - do you think they’ll be roaring in the theatre on the way to hundreds of millions of dollars when someone confuses the Asian guy’s cock with a wine cork?

At least with Megan Lochte you know exactly what that is. You can call it a monster and it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. And when your boyfriend loses it during the funny slant-eyed people parts in The Hangover you can justify it by saying Megan Lochte is a c-nt.

Here’s Bradley Cooper not really doing a great job wearing eggplant today while in New York.