The new Details featuring Bradley Cooper on the cover. Hot. And right off the top he offers his personal definitions distinguishing between dicks, douches, and assholes:

"A dick is harmful. A dick is hurtful. Now, a douche he's just an idiot. He's lame. A dick is a hurtful douche. And then there's the asshole. He's a dick with some serious issues."

Apparently Coop would know because he has played them all. And often. It’s something about that sh-t eating grin, he does cocky son of a bitch very well. And he’ll be doing it for The A-Team. As noted yesterday, Laura and I, we were talking about how this is so irresistibly hot. I expect to be straight up swooning by the end of the movie.

So yes, as evidenced in the interview, they are selling Coop as the Man’s Man, the Dude’s Dude with a dash of Mr Sensitive and Mr Arty. Because here’s what it is: they think Bradley Cooper has the goods to be the next Huge Star. Not normal huge but generationally huge. Massive. On the level of the Cruise, Pitt, Depps, Clooneys, and more. They think he’s a full package. And The A-Team is supposed to prove it to us.

Which makes interviews like this that much more valuable. Because if Bradley Cooper becomes what they want him to become, he won’t be meeting journalists in a coffee shoppe in the East Village anymore and dropping dicky candid moments with the service just because he’s trying to show off for articles where you can read between the lines. When it comes to people like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, there are no lines between the lines. They no longer allow it. And Coop is already starting to read that book. Enjoy it now while you can.

What’s my favourite thing about Bradley Cooper? He’s very good friends with Paul Rudd.

As for that question you keep asking:

Bradley Cooper sleeps with women willingly and very capably. Trust.

Click here for the full Details article and more photos.

Attached – the cast of The A-Team in Mexico today at a press conference promoting the movie and more from the other day at Nascar.

Photos from Chris Trotman/RONALDO SCHEMIDT/