Coop & Spittle: Wimbledon mascots

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 8, 2013 16:12:35 July 8, 2013 16:12:35

How many times did they cut to those two yesterday during the Murray-Djokovic match? I would have preferred more focus on Victoria Beckham. We’ll get to her later. If I had the time, I’d watch the entire final again just to count the Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler shots vs the Kim Sears shots. Kim Sears I can deal with. Kim Sears I might even be a little obsessed with. Dog portraits? With the occasional strawberry canvas thrown in? Please. Do we know anything else about this girl?

As for Coop and Spittle, well, it was a proper tennis bromance played out at the All England club in complementary suits. There was synchronised cheering – check out that first shot of them! They’re the new Doug and Steve, the Roxbury Guys! There was co-anxiety. There was co-elation. There was some selfie-taking. And, of course, there are the GIFs.

Amazingly, Coop’s jacket and pants were not completely soaked by saliva by the time it was all over. Murray mercifully kept it to three sets.


Wenn, Karwai Tang/ Clive Brunskill/ Getty

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