How many times did they cut to those two yesterday during the Murray-Djokovic match? I would have preferred more focus on Victoria Beckham. We’ll get to her later. If I had the time, I’d watch the entire final again just to count the Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler shots vs the Kim Sears shots. Kim Sears I can deal with. Kim Sears I might even be a little obsessed with. Dog portraits? With the occasional strawberry canvas thrown in? Please. Do we know anything else about this girl?

As for Coop and Spittle, well, it was a proper tennis bromance played out at the All England club in complementary suits. There was synchronised cheering – check out that first shot of them! They’re the new Doug and Steve, the Roxbury Guys! There was co-anxiety. There was co-elation. There was some selfie-taking. And, of course, there are the GIFs.

Amazingly, Coop’s jacket and pants were not completely soaked by saliva by the time it was all over. Murray mercifully kept it to three sets.