At post time, Milos Raonic and Roger Federer are playing in the semifinals at Wimbledon. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are there on the Federer side. It’s their second Wimbledon appearance this week. They were openly affectionate during their first appearance. So far they’ve again been openly affectionate during this appearance. Although, as of this writing, it’s early in the match. If Roger goes down another set, that might change.

Before heading to London, Coop and Irina were in Paris for fashion week. New photos have been released of them kissing passionately in Paris on the street. I feel like he’s a good kisser. And not just because he’s an actor. Some actors are terrible movie-kissers. And some actors are excellent movie-kissers but in real life you still might not want to kiss them. Example: Tom Cruise.