Bradley Cooper’s new film, Burnt, opens on Friday. So far the reviews have not been that good. It’s Halloween weekend too. Like if anyone’s going to the movies, I’m not sure that’s the movie they’re choosing, not when Steve Jobs continues to build buzz and The Martian keeps holding on.

Coop doesn’t seem bothered though. He flew to Paris with Irina Shayk this weekend. God she’s gorgeous, isn’t she? That mouth. Irina was low key at all his Burnt promotional events in New York last week. Now they’re in Paris together enjoying a few days off. And waiting for their bags at the carousel. I love that they checked their bags even though they likely flew first class so they totally could have packed two carry-ons and used the overhead bins. Makes me wonder what they have in there, how many outfits she packed, how many pairs of shoes.

Their relationship has just hit the 6 month mark and after Burnt, Coop’s next major release is Joy, with Jennifer Lawrence. What’s it like when Jennifer Lawrence and Irina Shayk hang out? Jen and Suki Waterhouse got on quite well.