Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were papped in Venice Beach yesterday with a picnic basket, perhaps enjoying their last Valentine’s Day before becoming parents. They’ve yet to make an official statement on the pregnancy and the engagement but, well, one of those two is pretty obvious. These are the first good quality photos of them together that we’ve seen in a while, and certainly after the pregnancy news broke.

Bradley’s been pretty quiet the last several months prepping on A Star Is Born, his directorial debut, co-starring Lady Gaga. After the Super Bowl, Gaga announced a world tour starting in August that would take her to the end of 2017. The film is scheduled for release September 2018 so presumably they start shooting soon, wrapping by summer, or just after summer starts, so that Gaga can begin rehearsals for the tour. That would give Coop over a year in post and more than enough time for reshoots if required – and it’s not as frenetic of a turnaround so that he can spend some time with his family when their child arrives. As I’ve mentioned before, Coop is one of WB’s favourite sons. I imagine they’ll do what they can to protect their investment.

Interestingly enough, in a case of Hollywood Sliding Doors, Coop had originally wanted Beyoncé to be in A Star Is Born. Those talks fell through and Beyoncé is now pregnant so that projected shoot schedule wouldn’t have worked anyway. And now they’re both expecting babies at the same time. Which sounded way more interesting in my head than it does in black and white text.