Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk spent Labour Day weekend in Atlantic City. And then they met up with his ma for dinner last night, along with some other friends. Which people are taking to mean that it’s beyond serious now that they’ve made it through the summer and have been pretty much inseparable over the last month, from London to Italy to LA to NYC and next to his mother. This week? The US Open?

As you can see, the chemistry hasn’t worn off either. I’m including a shot of them kissing. According to E! News, a source says they’ve already said “I love you”. Who is this source? If they’re legit, it’s someone who has to be deep on the inside to know that. And if it’s someone deep on the inside, why are they telling E! News unless Coop wants E! News to know? The E! source also says they want to start a family together. Which means in about 5 minutes they’ll start speculating as to whether or not she’s pregnant. She was at the beach with him this weekend and it certainly didn’t look that way – click here to see.

Coop’s in 2 films this fall, taking the lead in Burnt and supporting Jennifer Lawrence in David O Russell’s Joy. Irina at the Golden Globes?