Bradley Cooper’s Burnt was not well received by critics or at the box office. If he’s going to show up during award season then, it’ll be for David O Russell’s Joy. And he’s been nominated the two previous times that David O’Russell’s directed him.

It’s been 6 months since Coop and Irina Shayk started dating. She’s spent time with his mother. They’ve been on multiple holidays together. She visited him a lot when he was in London this summer for The Elephant Man. She’s been to his premieres, though they’ve not walked a carpet together. And he was seen outside her New York apartment this week carrying a lot of gear inside.

But a good sign that she might join him on the circuit is that she was with him the other night at an event to honour Francois-Henri Pinault. Check it:

He seems pretty happy with himself. I don’t know if I could hold it together looking at her face either. That face is impossible. Is that what he was all introspective about on his walk by the river earlier this week? Click here for a refresher. That was a major boner killer for many of you. My friend Lorella said it was one branch down from reading in a tree. Agree?