The last time I posted about Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk was less than two weeks ago, on March 31. Irina was photographed shopping with her ma and I noted that, in her oversized sweatshirt, she kinda looked how I would look in an oversized sweatshirt, and I’m not pregnant. So, my question at the time was:

You think she gave birth already and they haven’t announced it? Or is that just a really effective oversized shirt?

PEOPLE was the first to report yesterday that Irina and Coop “welcomed their first child two weeks ago”. No other information was provided. But two weeks ago means that when Irina was sighted with her ma, she’d already given birth. This is also how they handled the pregnancy announcement. There was never an official confirmation. Neither one of them have spoken on the record about it. About as low-key as we’ve seen in a celebrity baby situation. So, again, it’s possible to not have TMZ up your business…if that’s how you want it.