Last night, Bradley Cooper was in Paris at the Vogue Foundation Gala with Irina Shayk. He’s been with Irina for Paris Fashion Week. Today they’re at Wimbledon, in support of Roger Federer during a tough 5 set match. Anna Wintour was there too. 

As you can see, Coop and Irina are super into it, getting on their feet, shouting encouragement, arms in the air. And super into each other, because they’re definitely displaying their affection. At one point, she leaned over and sex-bit his shoulder, keeping his shirt in her teeth. Hot? I think so. But that may be because I’m kind of a biter too. I do this exact thing to Jacek – when we’re watching TV, in the car, probably not at the hockey game because we don’t touch each other in public but I know this move. I love it. If you haven’t before, try it. Tell me if it works.