Ryan Gosling went to Paris this weekend to pick Eva Mendes. Click here if you missed that post. After spending a couple of days there, Ryan took her back to LA.

And now it’s Bradley Cooper’s turn to visit. Is this is a pattern? That he’s always following Ryan?

See now I just feel bad for him.

But here he is, Coop, hanging out with some friends last night, including Melanie Laurent. You probably remember her best from Inglourious Basterds but most recently, she starred in Beginners with Christopher Plummer and Ewan McGregor, a beautiful film (see it if you haven’t, its available now for home viewing) that was just named by the Gotham Film Awards as the best independent film of the year, tied with The Tree of Life.

It was during the making of that film that Melanie and Ewan were rumoured to have been f-cking. Click here for a refresher on that story and my analysis of the situation which still applies.

As for whether or not there’s anything more than friendship between her and Coop, I’m not sure she’d have the patience for him. Actors are all inherently insecure and f-cked up, especially the North American ones. Coop might actually have his own category in this regard.