Bradley Cooper kept a pretty low profile on Oscar weekend. He went to a couple of industry events before the Oscars but it’s not like there are hundreds of pictures of him being splashed all over the place. I wonder if it’s because his hair is really bad right now. Like really, really bad:


Y yo porquè no fuì a Los Angeles?😕#bradleycooper #andreagriminelli

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Rachel McAdams and Bradley Cooper attend the annual "Night Before" party and fundraiser held Saturday night at Raleigh...

Posted by Team Bradley Cooper on Sunday, February 28, 2016

On Saturday morning however he did step out for breakfast with Naomi Campbell. Breakfast, as you know, both in real life and in celebrity life, is an interesting meal, because of the timeline. As you can see, they’re both dressed down, pretty casual. Is it because they got dressed together, or is it because they’ve known each other so long, have moved in the same circles for so long, that they just don’t give a sh-t what they look like?

And then of course there’s Irina Shayk. At last check, Irina and Coop were still together. She’s been working in Europe however for the fashion weeks. And she and Naomi are friends:

Is Naomi stepping on a girl’s territory?

Right now, I’m inclined to believe that Naomi and Coop are not f-cking. Naomi’s been hanging out with Leo and the Wolf Pack for years and Coop is a guest member of the Wolf Pack – he doesn’t have a laminated club card but he does get invited from time to time to club events. So there’s no mystery here. They all know each other too well. They all know their own games too well.