Bradley Cooper’s Limitless topped the box office this weekend, his first professional victory in a leading role. And something of a relief for him. Because, well, his hype had been wearing off of late. And I hear he’s been losing out on consideration for a few key parts. This however should be a boost to the career. And coincidentally too just as his breakup with Renee Zellweger was announced. Or is that what we call a conspiracy?

Not that he was in it for any ulterior motive. Like I’ve reported before, what they had was legit. And “he’s too goodlooking for her”, I’m sorry, is a dumbass reason for believing he’s gay. Look, there’s no one who loves a beard situation more than me. And if this was a beard situation, believe me, I’d be the first one to jizz all over it. But in my travels, from the sources I’ve spoken with who are connected to both, this is not a hidden homo story. This, rather, is a story of co-dependency, two people in pain drawn together, and inevitably unable to make it work forever.

Did you watch him on Inside the Actors Studio? Those emotions were pretty close to the surface. I know you may not share my personal discomfort with people crying in public, but he was quite raw, and it felt a little too intimate, and on the heels of his father’s recent death, and the baggage he was already carrying when he and Renee started dating, the armchair gossip has to wonder if Bradley Cooper’s in the best space right now.

Bittersweetly though, his professional life may be benefitting from the heartbreak of his personal one.

So when did it happen?

I heard they were fine through the fall. She was in Thailand with him for much of The Hangover 2 shoot. The holidays were uneventful. And I saw them in LA at E Baldi on Friday, February 25th having dinner with Alyssa Milano and her husband. So it would have to be quite recent, just before his trip to the UK to promote the film. He was seen leaving The Box one night having not been really part of that scene for some time, if ever. I suppose that would have been the first sign.

As for Renee, she was photographed several times in New York this weekend, on her own, going for coffee, working out. Meanwhile Coop returned to LA on Friday night. Now that he has a hit movie though, how long before Jessica Biel is all over it?

Below – Bradley Cooper’s appearance on Inside the Actors Studio. James Lipton’s introduction is almost a joke. The man is so good at “almost crying”.

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