Bradley Cooper was sighted at the French Open again. He was seated next to a blonde lady. They were talking and smiling. A few of the photo agencies are all like – Bradley Cooper’s with a mystery woman!!!

Renee Zellweger meanwhile was photographed on Sunday in Santa Monica. She was also joined by a friend. And he was also called a “mystery companion!!!!!!” by the photo agencies...

Look, by and large, as you know, I’m pretty pro-pap. Celebrity is an Ecosystem. Every element has to exist for it to exist. But this is something that always bites my ass and it’s the second time it’s come up today – the whole “mystery companion” situation is a good example. To enhance the sale. Because Renee’s every day workout gear isn’t worth much. And Coop sitting in the stands during a tennis tournament is also too Same.

Instead then let’s talk about how he’s been in Paris a few days now and hasn’t rushed back to see Olivia Wilde. Is he waiting for her to join him there? Or was it a one/two night situation and done?

Photos from and KCSPresse/