Remember when I said last week that I wasn’t feeling the new Bradley Cooper, all jacked up and thick? Click here for a refresher. He’s put on 40 lbs of muscle for a role and, well, it doesn’t work in a tuxedo. Do you see a neck? Now, for some reason, he reminds me of an older Zac Efron. Their faces share a certain…clammy sheen. Keep an eye on that too. He looks terribly uncomfortable.

Coop’s girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, was there too, angling her arms forward, model-styles, so as to generate maximum arm thinness. Happily, her hair has improved. But this dress, Burberry, is a f-cking mess, well below the label’s usual standard. Then again, tiered ruffles don’t do it for me.

Ask yourself – should a dress that you can easily find at Arlene’s Dress Emporium For Every Special Occasion be seen at the MET Gala?!?

It’s the Costume Institute. Expect MORE. Demand MORE. If it’s available to the general public, it doesn’t belong there, with them, on them.