E! News is reporting that Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse have broken up although they made sure to note that it might not be a permanent split. Suki accompanied Coop to the Oscars just a few weeks ago. And he’s moving to London for a while when The Elephant Man opens there. So it’s not like they wouldn’t have had opportunity to be together.

But he just turned 40. And she’s 23. And they’ve been together, what?, like two years? This is the way it’s supposed to be, really. In real life, at that age, this is usually when it ends. Or when it should end, if I’m the one giving the advice. For her, there’s so much time. And there are so many more times you can fall in love. For him, well, it’s not like Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t approve of this decision. And, like Leonardo DiCaprio, there are so many options out there in the desert, waiting to be picked up.