That was my first thought when I saw these photos. Is he recreating Pretty Woman? You remember the scene, right? Vivian and Edward are in the park. He’s reading. He’s trying to read to her, Shakespeare. Later on, Edward goes back to the park and takes his shoes off and walks through the grass barefoot and then he’s nice to that old man about not tearing apart his company. Or did that happen before? F-ck. I can’t remember. This can only mean one thing: I haven’t watched enough Sunday afternoon television lately. Did you know that Vivian was initially supposed to be a drug addict who was looking for enough money to go do Disneyland? It didn’t start out as a fairy tale which, I guess, is kinda meta. 

Anyway, here are Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse on Sunday in a park in Paris. He’s not a billionaire and she’s not a hooker with a heart of gold but you don’t have to look too hard to find a Pygmalion comparison. A model could be a sculpture. Her youth could be inexperience. Well, at least he takes the time to talk to her.

Over in New York, Leonardo DiCaprio hit up the VMA after-party circuit with his model girlfriend Toni Garrn. That’s the point right? In the club, there’s no need for conversation.