Bradley Cooper did not bring his mother to the SAG Awards on Saturday… WHY??? She better be coming to the Oscars. I need to see her at the Oscars. Instead of his awesome mom, Coop had his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse with him – which is the first time she’s joined him so publicly at a major event. Suki, as you know, is a model.


What kind of a model wears her hair like this?


It’s curled UNDER. I repeat, it’s CURLED UNDER. And she doesn’t live in a small town and hang at the mall and she’s not Katherine Heigl so what the F-CK is happening here?

Anyway, Coop and Suki also showed up at Sundance yesterday hand in hand, another sign that they’re totally OK with putting it out there now. Fine. Can we go back to the hair? I don’t understand. I will never understand.