Not sure why I find the manila envelope so hilarious with the TRAVEL DOCS in large black marker noted across it but it’s almost like a lunchbox. And an assistant probably prepared it for him, and tucked it into his backpack. Sorry. Am silly today because of Tonya’s email and The Swears. Will try to get through this article without The Swears so that my husband won’t leave me.

This is Bradley Cooper arriving in Vancouver on Sunday after his sleepover with Renee Zellweger the night before. Coop is beginning work here on A-Team, was in town a few weeks ago for a couple of days for wardrobe and camera testing, but judging from the bags he has with him, will be in Vancouver for an extended stay. Which means the local party girl LA wannabes will be all over it.

Aside from any remaining promoting for My One & Only, which has been a complete failure at the box office making further spending on marketing etc a waste of money, Renee Z’s schedule looks pretty clear. Renee and Bradley first began their flirtation when they worked together in Vancouver on a still unreleased movie called Case 39. Snappy coming back? Stay tuned.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images