Bradley Cooper is in Paris too for fashion week. Last night he showed up at a Bulgari event in a blue suit. Or grey? In some light it looks blue. At least the shirt is blue. I’m keeping my title.

After working on American Hustle for David O Russell, and having his pair permed every day for the part, Coop cut it to give it a fresh start. As you can see it’s growing out a little. And he’s styling it all messy like bed. I’m into it. Are you?

You might not be into the hair but you are probably into the French. Coop in France means Coop speaking French. So far no video yet. But he did say recently, in English, that he wants to direct movies:

“If I had my way I'd primarily just be directing movies. I really love the film-making process, so after the next couple I'm going to have to direct one.”

How come it (mostly) only goes one way? Like, Steven Spielberg isn’t making declarations about becoming an actor. I wonder how directors really feel about all these actors thinking they can do what they already do.