Bradley Cooper is in Paris with Irina Shayk for Fashion Week. Last night they made their first official appearance together. He’s also been seen in the front row at her shows, watching her come down the runway. So they’re together. He’s not with Naomi Campbell. And it’s as serious as it’s ever been. Also his hair still looks like sh-t.

In other Coop news, remember that remake of A Star Is Born that he’s been working on and supposedly Beyoncé was going to play the Barbra Streisand part? Click here for a refresher. Page Six is now reporting that there’s been a major setback and might not happen anymore and one of the reasons is because Beyoncé’s asking for too much money. That was the major headline. And then of course buried in the story are other details about the production costs in general being an issue and Bradley’s schedule and whatever, etc, etc but mainly BEYONCÉ IS WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.

Ohhh kayyyy….

What is Beyoncé if Beyoncé is not expensive?


Beyoncé puts out a song and it stops the world on a Saturday.

How is Beyoncé being expensive a factor in not moving forward with a project that was intended to feature Beyoncé? Because I feel like the first factor in a project intended to feature Beyoncé is the assumption that she’s going to be expensive!

Don’t f-cking come here and blame Beyoncé for being worth the cost of Beyoncé. If you want to save money call Rita Ora, God!