Three years in a row now. And he’s working with David O Russell and Jennifer Lawrence again on Joy, which is currently in production. Joy is supposed to open on Christmas Day. That means they think it has awards potential. So Bradley Cooper could be back for a fourth consecutive nomination. Sometimes I have a really hard time believing this. Especially when I’m watching TV and ads for All About Steve come on. And that movie only came out in 2009.

But I didn’t fully appreciate the influence and the reputation he has within the industry until, really, just a couple of months ago. There are the Eddie Redmaynes and the Jennifer Anistons who have to tirelessly show up at a screening every day to make sure he’s considered, and then there’s Bradley Cooper who doesn’t bother worrying about SAGs and Globes, who can skip right over the usual stops on the award circuit to focus entirely on Oscar with the confidence that his connections will get it done for him.

It’s not just the acting either. He was a producer on American Sniper which means he was at the Oscars last night as a double nominee. Is that how Bradley Cooper gets two tickets? One for mom and one for Suki Waterhouse?

God, Suki Waterhouse. WHAT IS HER HAIR PROBLEM??? And was she only half participating during the standing ovations to keep his mother company or is she just lazy during standing ovations?

Also, um, why does his face look so different?