Bradley Cooper’s hair is some pretty great sh-t. But not when he slicks it back Gordon Gekko styles like some sleazy club douche which is exactly how he styled it last night at the CFDAs.

Coop, as he apparently likes to be called, is wearing Calvin Klein. Properly tailored but it’s not his best outing. When he shakes it loose he is so much hotter. I actually considered watching He’s Just Not That Into You on the plane for him. I ended up choosing Two Lovers. But you need to see The Hangover if you haven’t already. Doing very well at the box office, firmly established as the summer’s best comedy, and Coop as a bonafide heartthrob.

And he looks like he’s a great kisser.

However, if Coop is still dating Jordana Brewster’s girlfriend (which he was at least back in April), and they’re supposed to be monogamous, rumour has it, especially from his travels around the world, supposedly he hasn’t exactly been honouring that.

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