Of course. It’s an honour just to be nominated. If you were nominated, come on, don’t lie, you’d want to look your best, wouldn’t you? You’d want to show yourself through the season at your fittest, with unblemished skin, and really good hair, non?

Bradley Cooper normally has amazing hair. But when it counts most, when everyone is watching, right now he’s in a hair slump. Something about a perm? For screen-tests for an upcoming role a few weeks ago? Fine. But still. That has to suck -- to walk around with sh-tty hair during award season and at the Nominees Luncheon.

Coop was there because he’s a Best Actor nominee for his work in Silver Linings Playbook. His chances are remote, but his co-star Robert DeNiro is right in there in what might be the most competitive race for Oscar -- Best Supporting Actor. DeNiro, Arkin, Seymour Hoffman, Lee Jones, and Waltz -- Jesus, how do you choose?

If he wins, it would be DeNiro’s third Oscar, his second for Supporting Actor. And...well...it seems like he wants it. It’s not like he’s been hiding, you know? He’s certainly been a lot more present than PSH. Yesterday it was the hand and footprint ceremony at the Chinese theatre and an appearance alongside Coop and David O Russell on the Katie Couric show, during which he cried when talking about O Russell’s experience, having a child struggling with mental health issues. I’m not saying those tears weren’t sincere. This is not what I’m saying. All I’m saying is that right now, he’s ...open to vulnerability. And don’t forget, Silver Linings Playbook is Harvey Weinstein’s horse this year.