If you can believe it, we’re not talking about Victoria Beckham.

These three attributes:

Not Natural
An Act

Were cited by Bradley Cooper (as reported in the new issue of Us Weekly) as the reasons why he did not want to be with Jennifer Aniston. Coop went with Renee Zellweger instead describing her in contrast as Fun, Down To Earth, and Private.



You’ll recall, after their dinner date in New York a couple of months ago, Bradley subsequently shot down rumours that they were a couple by explaining that:

“She's a very, very interesting woman, but she's simply a friend.”

Very, very interesting in Love Speak means RUN.

The magazine goes on to elaborate on Aniston’s unnaturalness, fakeness, and insecurity, but their aggressive positioning is surprising.

She is one of the most popular celebrities in the world. They are calling her for what she is. This doesn’t happen often.

Us has had a tumultuous relationship with Aniston and her publicist Stephen Huvane in the past. At one point they published a long list of his lies as it relates to her love life, shedding light on his client’s history of dishonesty and media play, creating a sweet public persona that is nothing like the manipulative, desperate reality she lives behind the scenes.

In recent times however Us and Aniston/Huvane seem to have arrived at a truce.

This bold tactic then may have been motivated less by smutty ulterior motives than simple finances. A pitiful Jen, positioned as the victim, sells covers. It’s what she created for herself.

By the way – have you read her dinner party article in the Mighty O?

Aniston, the girl next door, says the best restaurant in town is at her house. Because she employs 2 chefs to cook for her every day. Which is why her friends come over all the time, dropping in casually because it’s so “comfortable” and “warm”.

My place would be comfortable and warm if I could afford to have two professionals camping out in my kitchen year-round too.

The best part of the article is when one of the chefs starts CRYING OUT OF GRATITUDE at the very end.

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And Us Weekly is on newsstands now.