Jennifer Aniston, also known as 40 and Fabulous!, has been battling Snapface Renee Zellweger, 40 too, for the affections of Bradley Cooper.

Renee seems to have surged ahead of late. She and Coop (with whom she co-starred on Case 39) and a couple of friends (?) are currently in Barcelona, having travelled there together out of New York.

Before hooking up to go to Spain with Snappy however, Coop took Rachel McAdams out for dinner the other night and had her giggling for over 2 hours, not leaving until after midnight. Nothing romantic went down in the open but these days, Coop so much as talks to someone and suddenly they’re about to get married.

Rachel of course has been dating Josh Lucas for the last several months and supposedly very seriously involved. She opens The Time Traveller’s Wife next weekend. Hope the film is better than its sucky trailer.

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