Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper hung out this weekend at Leo’s place in Malibu. My favourite photo in this series is one of Leo checking his phone. Not that we all don’t check our phones. But with Leo, as Edward Norton told us a couple of years ago, the phone is his direct connection to the party. Leo, who will turn 43 in November, is and forever will be the “WHERE’S THE PARTY!?!” guy. Was he lining up his party plans that afternoon? Was he telling Bradley, who is a father now, that he’s missing out on all the great parties with all the freshest models?

I thought about Bradley often last week – or, rather, a character that he played. If I say “Sack Lodge”, would you know who I’m talking about? Bradley played Sack Lodge, from Wedding Crashers. Sack Lodge was a first class douchebag asshole piece of sh-t. But also? Bradley Cooper played the f-ck out of Sack Lodge.

Sack Lodge, in his polo shirt and khakis, would have been carrying a tiki torch doused citronella last weekend. Right? Wedding Crashers gave us the prototype in Sack Lodge back in 2005.

Bradley Cooper’s been nominated 3 times for acting Oscars. Eventually we’re going to start talking about him the way everyone used to talk about his friend Leo – he’s due, when will he get his? If we’re comparing though, I feel like I’ve enjoyed Bradley’s career performances way more than Leo’s. They’re certainly a lot more varied. One day, when they put together the Bradley Cooper highlight reel, like when he gets honoured at the American Cinematheque or AFI, I hope they include Sack Lodge and Wet Hot American Summer along with his work in more prestigious projects – and with just as much respect.