THR is reporting that Bradley Cooper is currently negotiating to star in a remake of The Crow. From a superstition standpoint, this gives me the skeeves. Brandon Lee died on the set of the original. I’m just saying, there is bad energy all over it. Also…

How desperate are you for an action franchise?

I’ve heard recently from multiple sources that the one he supposedly really wanted was Bourne and that he was allegedly turned down for it. He was also down to the final few for The Green Lantern which eventually went to Ryan Reynolds. So…The Crow as a consolation prize? I feel like he’s forcing it. Doesn’t it seem like he’s forcing it?

On the subject of forcing it…

People Magazine is apparently reporting that the newly single Cooper has been calling up Jennifer Aniston and that the two, who were circling each other before he picked Renee Zellweger, are starting to explore their potential. Oh. Renee. It would devastate her, I think. If it’s true, that is.

At press time, People has yet to link to this on their site. The credit to People however comes from Hollywood Life. Am assuming then that the story is in the print version. And if it’s legit, well, People doesn’t usually make sh-t out of their ass unless it’s been approved. So is the leak coming from her end, or his?

Together they are indeed good for gossip. And he has a sequel to sell next month too.

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