After the relief of Vin Diesel being relegated to playing a tree, the next bout of Marvel casting speculation turned to the final piece of the Guardians of the Galaxy puzzle—who would voice Rocket Raccoon, the trigger happy space varmint and biggest WTF element of a WTF-heavy concept. Rocket has been a hard sell for Marvel—understandably—but they may have finally found a candidate: Bradley Cooper.

My dream casting was Liam Neeson (although a friend was cheerleading for Charlie Day, which was intriguing, and he really ought to be involved with Marvel by now), but I can get behind BCoop. I’ve always like his delivery and his voice isn’t so distinctive that I’ll only be hearing him and not the character. And he’s funny, which is easy to forget because of the Oscar makeover and The Hangover being so unfunny, but his break came via comedy. That’s key—Rocket is one of the funniest elements in a pretty f*cking funny movie. He has a ton of great dialogue and needs someone with timing and delivery to do it justice.

But at this point they’re just talking. There’s not an official offer yet. Marvel’s had a hard time getting someone to the table for this part, though once the footage leaked and everyone went, “Hey, that looks kind of awesome,” I did wonder if the sell would get easier. So while I’m optimistic about BCoop and he’s the likeliest lead to date, I remain cautious.

For those of you whose smutty senses are tingling, Rocket is just a voice part. Cooper won’t have to cross paths with Zoe Saldana, who plays the female lead, until press time next summer. As Lainey pointed out, he could always skip the premiere, but is Bradley “cries after sex” Cooper really the guy who would give up the screaming adoration of thousands of fans just to avoid an ex? Doubtful.