Bradley Cooper is directing and starring in a remake of A Star Is Born with Lady Gaga. This weekend they’re holding auditions for extras. And in a couple of weeks they’ll be shooting some footage for the film during the days between the two Coachella weekends, where Gaga will be performing. As you know, Gaga’s playing the updated Barbra Streisand character. In that version of the film, Barbra’s Esther becomes a superstar, a much bigger star than her mentor-lover John Norman Howard. Big enough now, in these times, for her to headline Coachella.

So Coop, who’s kept a low profile, has been working on his directorial debut. But some people are wondering if the low profile also has to with Irina Shayk’s pregnancy. Remember when Ryan Gosling was at the Adobe Summit last week? Bradley Cooper was originally scheduled to be there too. He didn’t end up showing. And, presumably, Ryan was booked in his place. It could be because Coop is busy on Star.

Here are new photos of Irina taken yesterday in LA out shopping with her ma. She’s in an oversized shirt. That’s what I would look like in that oversized shirt. And I’m not pregnant. You think she gave birth already and they haven’t announced it? Or is that just a really effective oversized shirt? 

Here are Bradley and Irina out for a drive in LA earlier this month.