It’s raining in Vancouver, and feels like it could be raining everywhere else, so a double dose of Coop shouldn’t hurt, especially since he seems to have fixed his style problems.

The costume designer on Valentine’s Day knows what she/he is doing, non? MUCH better tailoring. And now that we can see it from the front, oh la quiver, LOVE THE HAIR. He can wear it this way without looking like Gordon Gekko. This is a wonderful attribute. Not even Leonardo DiCaprio owns this attribute.

Eloise wrote to me earlier after the previous post with Julia Roberts, raised an intriguing question:

Would Julia hit it?

Height: he's over 6 feet, so check.
Ancestry: Coop's Daddy is Irish-American, her favorite flavor, so check.
SAG card: check.

Hell, yes! The question isn't "would she," it's "when?"

When indeed…

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