The Asian guy in The Hangover was funny, wasn’t he? All ching-chongy and small dicky, like a buck-toothed little pet you bring with you to a party for comic relief. It was so great that they brought him back for the second one. I mean, what’s a comedy these days without a joke about yellow people with tiny penises?

Bradley Cooper’s in another movie opening this weekend that (partly) relies on the same humour. Hit and Run, written and co-directed and starring Dax Shephard is in theatres now. Cooper plays Dax’s ex-best friend, or something, who spent some time in jail being violated...and he’s traumatised by that, of course, and what makes it even more hilarious is that person who violated him was a Filipino guy. Because, like, how much violating can a Filipino guy really do with his microscopic fried noodle cock?

Here’s the red band trailer:



And here’s Coop out in New York today.

On the subject of awesomely funny videos about Asians, please enjoy Megan Lochte, sister of Olympian Ryan Lochte, talk about what she learned from the “chinks” in Beijing during the 2008 Summer Games.